A Podcast about all Things Industrial Automation.

Every week, we speak with industry experts to bring you insightful discussions on manufacturing, automation, technology, career progression, and much more!

Our beginnings —  

We are experts in their respective domains, and have been sharing our knowledge with the community for years through technical tutorials and podcasts. However, we can’t master everything and certainly have been learning every single day.

The Manufacturing Hub podcast gives us an opportunity to speak with experts who are able to fill in the gaps and share their own perspectives and knowledge.

We invite you to join us every week to learn from our expert guests, ask your questions live, and connect with fellow automation professionals.

A great
community —  

Join us every Wednesday for a live podcast episode where you can ask your questions, and connect with Dave & Vlad and other listers.

It’s a great podcast, I learned a lot of new things from this podcast. They also bring guests with great experience in the manufacturing industry. [...] Keep the amazing job Dave and Vlad!!!


A fantastic down to earth podcast about manufacturing!Two great guys talk about their experience in a very humble way. The guests that they are planning to bring on and the topics they discuss are extremely relevant.

The G

Superb talk guys!!! Our industry needs to hear this! Thanks

Peter Kurhajec

Awesome conversation and great topics that you guys brought up!

Flávio Luppi Del Bel

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