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Billy Albritton

Billy is a manufacturing automation professional who's recently made the move from management into an executive role at BD. Honorably discharged veteran with 16 years’ experience leading departments in advanced technologies for the military, academia, and private industry. Military service includes duty as an Operations and Security Specialist to United States Coast Guard. Consistently recognized for performance of duties and expertise above achieved rank. Numerous achievements including receiving the Presidential Humanitarian Award for assisting as a first responder in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Proven ability to deliver viable solutions that resolve complex business issues and ensure organizations meet internal and external goals by building strong collaborative teams and leading through organizational change. “Leading alongside” management style has been the catalyst to achieving exceptional results in challenging environments while building and maintaining strong, loyal relations with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders. Billy completed a MS in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Robotics and Control Systems in 2017 and anticipating MBA graduation in May of 2019. Currently, working in the aerospace industry as an Information Technology Specialist and Digital Technology Manager for UTC – Pratt & Whitney.

August 4, 2021

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