Ep. 40 - [Colm Gavin] | Virtual Commissioning & Digital Thread

Colm Gavin
December 16, 2021
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In the fortieth episode of the Manufacturing Hub Podcast, we welcome Colm Gavin. Colm is involved in a number of initiatives that provide virtualization of plants, processes, machines, etc. Per the theme of the month, we believe that a lot of advancements have been released when it comes to these technologies. We're curious to learn more about how end-users, OEMs, and System Integrators are using these tools in their workflow.P

lease join us this week for a very exciting conversation.

Giveaway this month of a Siemens Software

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- A SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional Software License

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A special thank you to Siemens for sponsoring the emerging technologies theme and the continued support of this show.

Key Links to Materials from the Episode

AG Stacker – Digital Twin Training Stations

Keynote presentation at Material Handling Institute (MHI) conference from Jon Battles – Amazon Dir Robotic Architect - Robotic Strategy & AI | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_7o83KptHo

Colm Gavin
Portfolio Development Manager

As a Portfolio Development Manager with Siemens Software, my goal is to ensure that machine and line builders as well as end-users are aware of the Industry 4.0 solutions available to them and how these solutions can benefit their businesses. I leverage my experience in discrete manufacturing to help companies take advantage of the new innovations available with Industry 4.0. Working for Siemens for 20 years, I worked in a variety of roles. Prior to this role, I marketed Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation Portal software in the US, and also worked on the development of this software in Nuremberg, Germany, focusing mainly on the usability and design aspects of engineering software – especially as required by the U.S. market. Digitalization is changing the way companies manufacture and they are feeling the pressure to increase flexibility, efficiency, and quality while getting to market faster and maintaining safety. Let Siemens and our team help your company on their digital transformation with our Industry 4.0 solutions. Feel free to reach out to me through LinkedIn and visit our website.