Ep. 41 - [Bob Meads] | Augmented Reality in Manufacturing & Automation - Impact on Workforce Future

Bob Meads
December 23, 2021
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This week Manufacturing Hub, we are talking to a man who knew the future of Manufacturing in 2011 when the iPad was first launched. The person who developed the first AR system that I ever interacted with, and for some reason let me put on the original Hololens in a bar. We are very pleased to speak with the visionary of AR in Manufacturing Bob Meads. Please join us for this exciting conclusion of the Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing theme this Wednesday!

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Bob Meads

Building on his experience as an Electronics Technician in the Navy, a Production Engineer at NEC Technologies, and software engineer at Siemens Energy & Automation, Bob Meads took his diverse background to found companies that he successfully leads today.